Premium Volunteer Friday

May 24, 2017

The team at Aegon Insights Japan combining the best of Premium Friday and Aegon Global Volunteer Friday.

Premium Volunteer Friday Japan

On February 24, 'Premium Friday' was launched across Japan. The purpose of this public-private initiative is to get employees out of the office at 3pm on the last Friday of each month to in effort to stimulate consumption and reduce the country's notoriously long working hours.

On April 21, the first Aegon Global Volunteer Friday took place. The Aegon Insights Japan team took the opportunity to come together to get out of the office early, on a Friday, and spend time with their colleagues and family members. A barbecue with volunteers from the office to collect and run a secondhand CD & Book sale was arranged. The team then donated the proceeds of the barbecue participation fee and sale of books and CD's to the charity organization Second Harvest – Japan's first food bank.

Ms Miki Koiwai, Chief Marketing Officer of Aegon Insights Japan, shared "I'm proud that Aegon Insights Japan is one of companies that actively participates in Premium Friday. News reports state that just 3.7% of companies in Japan Tokyo area took part last month. Thanks to the global initiative Aegon Global Volunteer Friday, we helped boost domestic spending at the barbecue and in turn made a donation to Second Harvest."