Raising money for WILL2LIVE

December 29, 2014

WILL2LIVE is a non- profit organization that provides necessities to people living on the streets in order for them to live a happier and healthier life. For Christmas 2014, ADAMS Australia raised money and donated gifts for their annual Christmas gathering.

WILL2LIVE's mission is simple - Provide, Survive. Through volunteer work and donations this amazing group of people hit the streets of Sydney six nights a week all year round, cooking up a storm and solving for hunger one meal at a time!

In addition to feeding the homeless daily, they also run special events throughout the year to keep spirits high and provide something positive to focus on for those in need. A Campaign Manager from our Australian contact center, volunteers for WILL2LIVE and asked the ADAMS contact centre team to help in raising money for the annual Christmas party.

The team donated generously! Donations went towards the food - catering for over 150 mouths, and also donated around 40 individual gifts."There was live music, loads of food and 100's of donated presents so everyone had a Christmas present to unwrap after a great feed! We feel blessed that we could contribute and make the Christmas holidays memorable for those roughing it on the streets. Everyone had a great night!"