• PT. Aegon Marketing Services Indonesia (AMSI) held its 1st Industry Seminar with PT. Best One Asia Reinsurance Brokers (BOA Re)

PT. Aegon Marketing Services Indonesia (AMSI) held its 1st Industry Seminar with PT. Best One Asia Reinsurance Brokers (BOA Re)

August 18, 2016

AMSI partnered with BOA Re to organize an industry seminar on August 3, 2016 about “Insights into the Future of Insurance Distribution.”

President Director of BOA Re, Mr. Suwarna shared his excitement with the 80 insurance experts who attended that the seminar would cover learnings and future trends of the insurance sector in Indonesia.

Dr. Onn Keet Peng, President DirectorDr. Onn Keet Peng, President Director of AMSI continued on the topic - "Digital transformation impact to insurance distribution" and stressed the importance of embracing ecommerce as the future in Indonesia. He added "Unlike Hong Kong's and Singapore's geography, where people search and research online and then still choose to buy offline, the islands are spread so far apart so ecommerce is the obvious future." However, that does not mean that it replaces the face-to-face and call center services in the purchase journey. The digital experience is meant to complement the existing customer touch points and create a good overall customer experience. He also mentioned that a personalized customer experience can be achieved by turning customer data into insights.

Dr. Juan Liu, Director of Customer Analytics & Behavioral InsightsDr. Juan Liu, Director of Customer Analytics & Behavioral Insights of Aegon Direct & Affinity Marketing Services (ADAMS) echoed Dr. Onn's presentation and shared that with increasing data accumulated from customer's digital footprints, there is more data available for a company to understand their customers' needs and offer them the right product at the right time. He continued by explaining the 7 steps ADAMS' advocates to obtain customer data, to analyze customer life stages and to help design better customer campaigns for its business partners. Dr. Liu also emphasized that "Data security is taken seriously as data is the most valued asset of any organization."

Mr. Chapman Lam, Director of Customer Experience Architecture "Buying insurance is a big thing so customers usually can't decide on the spot. They need to be guided through the purchase journey," said the last speaker, Mr. Chapman Lam, Director of Customer Experience Architecture of ADAMS. He added that providing good customer experience in all channels throughout the insurance purchase journey is imperative for insurers. Personalization and memorable human touch points are key elements that contribute to a good experience. Hence, understanding customers through data insights is the customer centric approach to insurance distribution now and for the future.

About Aegon Direct & Affinity Marketing Services (ADAMS) and PT. Aegon Marketing Services Indonesia (AMSI)
ADAMS is the direct marketing consultancy arm of the Aegon Group, one of the world's largest life insurance, pension and asset management companies. ADAMS has operations in the Asia Pacific region spanning across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, China and Australia. AMSI is the ADAMS entity in Indonesia and was awarded with international standards certification ISO27001 for information security management in December 2015.

With expertise in innovative product design, customer analytics insights with actionable models, marketing campaign and multi-channel product distribution design, AMSI provides direct insurance solutions and consultancy services for their business partners.

About BOA Re
PT. BOA Re (PT. Best One Asia Reinsurance Brokers) was established in 2010, which is a part of Rynest Companies Group Inc (RCG). It aims to be the leader in reinsurance broking services in the Asian market. The company is a new breed of broker focusing on providing a personal and tailored service for their clients. It is a diversified consulting company which provides: Actuarial Advisory Services, Healthcare Risk Consulting Services, Employee Benefit Consulting Services, and Information Technology Solution Services.

BOA Re has approximately 50 insurance partners as of 2016 classified to 60% Life Insurance Companies and 40% General Insurance Companies.