• PT. Aegon Marketing Services Indonesia, Dr. Onn Keet Peng, spoke at ‘The Digital Insurer’ Webinar

PT. Aegon Marketing Services Indonesia, Dr. Onn Keet Peng, spoke at ‘The Digital Insurer’ Webinar

June 28, 2016

With more than 400 global attendees, Dr. Onn Keet Peng, President Director, PT. Aegon Marketing Services Indonesia was one of the four speakers at ‘The Digital Insurer Webinar: Insurance Through the Eyes of the Customer’ on June 15.

Dr. Onn Keet Peng explained the importance of customer analytics in offering a superior customer experience. He shared "If you have more insight into the customer's life stage, mood, and channel preference, communication and offers can be tailored to meet the customer's real needs".

The other speakers also presented much insights from their wealth of experience:
• James Harding, Operations Director from 360Globalnet, shared how the customer journey experience has improved with the reduced time and cost when insurance claims are done online.
• Michael Mang, Head of Marketing & Business Development, APAC & MENA, Alibaba presented their ecommerce ecosystem and how the different businesses complement customer's experience with Alibaba.
• Hugh Terry, Founder of The Digital Insurer also shared some interesting examples of how companies are already using analytics and technology to present insurance in an innovative way.

From left to right: Hugh Terry, (The Digital Insurer) Simon Phipps (KPMG), James Harding and Dr. Onn Keet Peng

Snap Poll
The webinar ended with a snap poll asking participants to share their views on this:
"Stand back and become a customer. Which of the following methods of purchasing term life insurance is the one that you would personally choose?"

The results showed the opposite to the current purchasing habits for term life insurance of most customers in Asia. Majority of the respondents (62%) chose to go online for price discovery and purchase, which means a digital end-to-end experience. Perhaps the results were a little skewed given the highly digital audience!

For those who had missed the webinar, the recording is easily accessible through this link.

The Digital Insurer
The Digital Insurer is an online forum for professionals who are interested in Digital Insurance around the world. Its purpose is to inform and provide a community around topics which can be aired and discussed.

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Having specialized expertise in the design and sales distribution of protection products, ADAMS provides direct insurance solutions for their business partners and their customers; from innovative product design, to customer analytics insights with actionable models, marketing campaign and multi-channel product distribution design; through to providing consultancy services in relation to policy administration and claims management.

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