• ADAMS Annual Partner Seminar: “Innovation, Growth & Thought Leadership”

ADAMS Annual Partner Seminar: “Innovation, Growth & Thought Leadership”

June 6, 2016

HONG KONG - On May 12-13 Aegon Direct & Affinity Marketing Services (ADAMS) hosted its second “Innovation, Growth & Thought Leadership Seminar 2016” at Hong Kong Disneyland.

The two-day seminar brought together financial services professionals with ADAMS leadership team members and their business partners from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong to participate in a series of discussions and presentations focused on the Customer Experience. Hong Kong Disneyland was chosen as the seminar's location because it is known globally for creating and delivering superior customer experiences.

A recurring theme throughout both days was that with customers becoming more demanding in terms of products, services and preferred methods of contact, insurance distribution has to become more focused on using data, technology and insight to meet the expectations of the evolving customer. By better understanding each individual's needs and desires, seamless customer journeys can not only be developed, but can be tailored to optimise the best and most preferred experience.

Rien BrusRien Brus, Vice President Customer Experience Aegon Corporate Centre, presented on the 'Essence of Customer Experience' and explained that an easy, convenient journey is not enough. "We need to make the experience memorable and personal to create loyal customers who will recommend our company. Instead of feeling 'time well saved' customers need to feel that their 'time has been spent well'." He showcased several inspiring stories where expectations were exceeded by making a difference during the 'ultimate moments of truth' in the customer journey.

Jun Akiyama and Michinari Miyata from Recruit JapanBusiness transformation was also a key topic of discussion. Jun Akiyama and Michinari Miyata from Recruit Japan explained how they shifted from selling via magazines to the internet and that they now focus on customer experience by collecting and analyzing data from their rapidly expanding portfolio of digital businesses.

Richard Ng, CEO ADAMSRichard Ng, President ADAMS Asia Pacific, highlighted that ADAMS is also undergoing a transformation brought on by the abundance of data now available. "Data is the key in identifying customers' needs to predict the best time and way to contact customers. Data can be used to adjust communication, make tailored offers, to ultimately increase response and success rates."

Insurance is still all about people

Hugh Terry, Director of The Digital InsurerHugh Terry, Director of The Digital Insurer, explained his view on Customer Experience and its impact on product design and distribution channels. "Insurance is still about people. Technology will help us connect with them but it will never replace human contact." Richard Ng concurred, saying "In a more digital world, human contact becomes more important, as well as delivering the right message at the right time."

As part of its transformation, ADAMS will begin to leverage the power of customer insights as part of working with business to better understand their customer life-stage needs.

Kelly Yong, CEO Aegon Direct & Affinity Marketing Services (Thailand)Kelly Yong, CEO Aegon Direct & Affinity Marketing Services (Thailand), during panel discussion shared learnings on eCommerce in Thailand and emphasized the need to be insight-driven and customer-led.



Networking and Enjoying The Disney Experience

The conference was not all about deep discussion. Whilst in Hong Kong Disneyland, the participants also found time to get to know each other better and share some unique experiences. Dinner on the first night included a Facebook contest as well as group and individual photo opportunities with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The seminar concluded with team building activities centered around learning how to make Chinese dim sum. The participants all left with new perspectives, a positive outlook and the belief that data can really make a difference in the customer journey. Business partners echoed the need for continued dialogue and applauded the effort of ADAMS to bring ideas and insights to address their business challenges.

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