At a Glance

An approach that utilizes insurance direct marketing value chains

Together with domestic and foreign-capital insurance companies, Aegon Insights Japan Co., Ltd. provides business partners with marketing programs expertise to sell primarily group accident insurance and group medical insurance products, in an effective and efficient manner, through the appropriate contact channels. Since the launch of our business in 2001, we have gained trust from stakeholders based on our steady track records in insurance direct marketing resulting in more than 50 business partnerships currently.

In addition to innovative marketing expertise accumulated over the years, through our advanced analytics-based approach, we analyze detailed information about customer behaviors, preferences and past product selections and provide marketing plans fully utilizing our know-how and insurance direct marketing value chains, thereby promoting channel development and pursuing revenue optimization for our business partners.

We will continue to provide high-quality services and deliver customer satisfaction to our stakeholders, and strive to be a company which can evolve itself based on a sense of trust with stakeholders, actively contributing to further develop the industry.