Understanding Your Customers


With an increasing number of customer interactions, you are collecting more data than ever before. What you do with the information is important as it can be used to understand your customers and their behaviors better.

At Aegon Insights, we have a team of experienced data scientists who can turn customer data into actions for more meaningful, relevant and successful contact experiences.

Combining both studied and practical experience with insurance industry knowledge, we offer deep insight into both short-term customer behavior and building long term relationships.

Predictive Modeling is one of our approaches to the use of data intelligence. It helps identify those not only likely to buy, but those likely to complain or lapse. With this knowledge, we customize contact experiences that strive to achieve both successful sales approaches and total customer satisfaction.


Customers are chatting, texting, browsing, Tweeting, Skyping, and FaceTiming more than ever. While they are becoming more self-reliant, when they need live assistance, customers want knowledgeable agents who have the resources to respond. We've trained a new generation of Customer Engagement Representatives to quickly understand where each individual is on the purchase path and provided them with the tools they need to quickly answer inquiries and provide
solutions across all channels.

At some point during the purchase process, customers want human contact with someone qualified to answer their questions and provide assistance. We're making it easier for them to connect by being where they are:

Online chat buttons embedded in websites keep customers engaged in the sales journey while providing them with answers to their questions
Video calls can help guide customers through online applications
Text messages quickly confirm premium costs, enrollment and coverage

Not all customers are in the same place at the same time. Using a dynamic script, Customer Engagement Representatives identify where they are on the purchase path and provide them with the guidance and information
needed to move to the next phase. The overall contact experience empowers customers, making them feel heard and understood.