Much more than just compensation packages

Fair, equitable and consistent remuneration, linked to performance, makes perfect business sense. It helps people to feel valued and appreciated, which ultimately serves both our company and our customers. So a well-balanced compensation package is a given. This package consists of a competitive base salary and – depending on local market practices – variable compensation, attractive benefits, and a pension plan.

Guided by the 'pay for performance' principle, we make sure that an employee's commitment to go the extra mile is recognized. At the same time, our reward systems discourage excessive risk-taking and support the achievement of Aegon Insights long-term goals.

Attractive benefits

The benefits of working at Aegon Insights extend beyond simply financial reward. They include the opportunity to make things happen, working together with fun and interesting people, recognition for team and individual results, development opportunities that suit your way of learning or new career opportunities close to home or further away, and much more.