How it works

Database Analysis

Our data scientists can help you examine your database and provide advice on how to improve and maximize each customer campaign.

1. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) – Determine the size of your marketable database by studying the quality of your customer base.


2. Segmentation & Customer Profiling - Determine key target segments.


3. Customer Life Cycling Planning – Map and design customer journey including product options to chosen segments according to their lifecycle.


4. Behavioral Hypothesis – Use models to design how you interact with customers in order to influence their decisions.


5. Campaign Design & Pilot Test – Design structured test and learn discipline for every campaign.


6. Propensity Models – Optimize campaign effectiveness by selecting the right customers for each campaign.


7. Offer Optimization – Understand where the customer is on the purchase journey, gauge the individuals' protection needs and purchase path, and recommend appropriate product suite for every life stage.

Campaign execution with Aegon IRIS

We can provide you with campaign implementation capabilities with easy-to-set-up customer campaigns using our in-house integrated platform.

Working with Aegon IRIS, not only do you get a structured view of each customer, you become more informed about your ongoing customer relationships, as campaign testing becomes natural, intuitive
and progressive.